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We Are Creatively Disruptive!

These are the words we stand for. Every brand we build, every story we tell, every initiative we undertake and every experience we curate must not only be creatively crafted but also disrupt the status quo.

About 47Concepts

47Concepts is a Creative Company committed to positively impacting Africa’s creative arts industry by providing the right advisory and support for creatives of all art forms including but not limited to designers (fashion, graphic and product), artists, artisans, photographers, videographers and interior designers in business…

What We Offer

Tailor-Made Services

Our top-notch consultants ensure the commercial viability and enhanced visibility of your creative business.

Our experienced legal experts help draft your agreements, review your contracts and ensure both domestic and international regulatory compliance.

We connect your creative business to opportunities that drive growth and profitability.

Our highly skilled finance experts and chartered accountants
provide customized financial advice to help your creative business build wealth and manage risk.

We organize networking events for creative businesses to establish and build professional relationships, enhance industry knowledge, foster collaboration and ultimately boost business growth.